White dry wine
  • White dry wine
White dry wine "GEOMETRIA" LAFAZANIS 750 ml
CODE: ΟΙ20300
Place: NEMEA, Corinthia
WEIGHT: 0.75

White dry wine "GEOMETRIA" Assyrtiko LAFAZANIS 750 ml.

  • Wine Type: Dry White
  • Category: PGI Peloponnese
  • Variety: 100% Assyrtiko
  • Area: Nemea, Corinthia
  • Altitude: 300 m
  • Soil: Soil Chalk & limestone
  • Vinification: White wine vinification
  • Sensory characteristics: Pale-yellow color. Flavors of white fruit, on the palate it appears balanced with good acidity and long lasting aftertaste.
  • Serving suggestions: Goes well with any kind of seafood. At its best when served at 12 °C – 14 °C
  • Alcohol: 12.5%