Original olive oil extra virgin
Original olive oil extra virgin "Passavas" 500 ml
CODE: ΛΑ20439
Producer: Αvailable from Ebloko.gr
Place: Kifisoy 14, Ag. I. Rentis, Attica

Original olive oil extra virgin "Passavas" 500 ml. Extra virgin olive oil. Product of traditional farming. Far from subsidies, counterfeit certifications, dubious organic farming, unions of crooks and marketing tricks.

It comes from the semi-mountainous ebloko.gr olive groves wich are situated in the wider region of Passavas in Gytheio, Lakonia. 

The prevailing vaiery is "Koronoeiki".

Content: 500 ml

Gross Weight: 600 gr.

Measurements on the content Measurements for extra virgin
Acidity: 0,38 Acidity: < 0,8
Peroxides: 8 Peroxides:  < 20
Κ232: 1,44 Κ232: < 2,50
Κ270: 0,09 Κ270: < 0,22
DK: 0,008 DK: < 0,01

The manufacturing process and standardisation, allows the product to be safe for more than 2 years.