Original olive oil extra virgin
Original olive oil extra virgin "Passavas" 1 lt
CODE: ΛΑ20561
Producer: Αvailable from Ebloko.gr
Place: Kifisoy 14, Ag. I. Rentis, Attica

Authentic olive oil "Passavas" EBLOKO 1 lt. Extra virgin olive oil. Product of traditional farming. Far from subsidies, counterfeit certifications, dubious organic farming, unions of crooks and marketing tricks.

It comes from the semi-mountainous ebloko.gr olive groves wich are situated in the wider region of Passavas in Gytheio, Lakonia. 

The prevailing vaiery is "Koronoeiki".

Content: 1 lt

Gross Weight: 965 gr.

Measurements on the content Measurements for extra virgin
Acidity: 0,38 Acidity: < 0,8
Peroxides: 8 Peroxides:  < 20
Κ232: 1,44 Κ232: < 2,50
Κ270: 0,09 Κ270: < 0,22
DK: 0,008 DK: < 0,01

The manufacturing process and standardisation, allows the product to be safe for more than 2 years.