Beer Pils Hellas EZA 500 ml
Beer Pils Hellas EZA 500 ml
CODE: ΜΠ3732
Place: ATALANTI, Phthiotis
WEIGHT: 0.53

Traditionally brewed with pure ingredients. Ingredients: Water, malt, maltose, hops, yeast. The first of the products presented by EZA on the Greek market, is the Greek beer Pils Hellas EZA, which launched in 1996, creating a subclass of "national beer". It is a product-for the first time in our country-suggested, through its name, the "Greekness" of delicious character that should have a beer. Prepared with modern brewing techniques from high quality natural ingredients (barley malt, aromatic hops, crystal clear water of Parnassus, which springs from the source Atalante) and baked before being released for consumption.



Harmoniously combined with the warm climate of our country and the particular nutritional habits of its inhabitants. A beer competing seriously the best "wide consumption" beers of the world.
Alcohol: 4.5%