Kalamata type olives
Kalamata type olives "Passavas" 2.17 kg
CODE: ΕΛ19020
Producer: Αvailable from
Place: Kifisoy 14, Ag. I. Rentis, Attica
WEIGHT: 2.165

Kalamata type olives "Passavas" 2.17 kg.

The superior variety of edible olives wich thrives only in the region and microclimate of Laconia and messinia regions in the Southern Peloponnese. Best quality fruits of various sizes tha have undergone slow, natural debittering (oleuropein removal) only in salt water soaking without artificial means or chemical additives. they are traditionally produced and harvested at the olive groves wich are situated in the wider region of passavas in Gytheio, Laconia. 

Olives** 1360 gr
Βrine (5% salt) : 580 gr
Kalamon olive oil: 120 gr
Gross weight: 2165 gr
Preservatives: 0

** listed weights may have a +- 5% deviation.

Keep in a non refrigarated, cool dark environment. 


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Αvailable from
Producer: Αvailable from
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